Pet Project: Adopt Clark


 Clark, mt vernon shelter

from the Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter:

Clark and his sister, Lois, were found running loose in a parking lot and most likely were left there by a heartless person who sold the rest of the litter and could not be bothered to care for the last 2 pups.

Clark is stunning and his mini-jowls are so irresistible as his his curious and friendly puppy-personality. He has shown great dog skills and is regularly walked with adolescent and adult dogs from whom he is learning a lot but make no mistake, he has no fearful/iffy responses in him and we know he will make a great addition to a family.

He can be a little bit rambunctious and uses his mouth when he gets excited so he would do best with another female dog who can allow him to play rough and with a family who is committed to keeping his training program up of impulse control, manners, and curbing his sometimes overly playful puppy mouthing. He is very smart and tires out quickly from training and walking where his jowls get droopy and he hangs his head low which is just adorable.

At age 7 months, he is not an impulse adoption because young dogs need stability and commitment in order to mature into a well-mannered adult dog….but he is a great young guy who shows such great potential.

He is vaccinated, will be neutered in next few days, and if you are intereseted in meeting Clark, please contact and submit an application ASAP. He is currently at the Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter, feel free to call 914-665-2444. (Bio written by Danicia, trainer)

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