Parents Say School in Mt. Vernon Running Out of Paper, Other Problems


Last week, Graham School in Mount Vernon almost ran out of paper, says one parent.

There’s also peeling paint and an idle computer lab.

“I own a home and I’m paying my taxes and I think things should be better,”she says.

Waveline Bennett-Conroy, Mount Vernon Schools interim superintendent, says the school district is addressing the issues. “I am not going to say that we are not affected by funding, but we make sure there are no dangerous situations for our kids,” Bennett-Conroy says.

She acknowledges the problems, but says money’s not always the problem.  She says the paper  supply ran low because the Graham principal reallocated funds to buy workbooks for low-income children, and the District delivered 15 cases of paper to Graham on Wednesday.

Repair of an elevator serving a disabled child has been delayed because the school is waiting for a part from overseas. Meantime, a stair lift for the student has been installed. The computer lab is sitting idle, she says  because the use of technology has been integrated into classrooms.
And repair to building damage, some of which was caused by recent snow and rain, will start soon.

“We will not compromise our kids’ safety at all,” Bennett-Conroy says.

The parent, however, says she “is frustrated because I see a lot of things going on that trouble me.”

“I’m contemplating putting my son into a private school, which I can’t afford,” she says.

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  1. It is unfortunate to hear this is happening in Mount Vernon. We certainly hope that these issues will be resolved as soon as possible so that the children of Mount Vernon can continue to have the best education possible.

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