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Tree expert Frank Buddingh’ will show what to plant this fall and where to plant it, on October 13th, 7 PM at the Larchmont Public Library. The event is sponsored by the Larchmont Garden Club.

This and more environmental events, advice and news are now available on the new website of the Village of Larchmont Committee on the Environment.

Did you know, for example,  that as of June 1, you can now recycle all plastic containers labeled 1-7? You do need to rinse the containers clean before you put them in the recycling bin.  They can include food, beverage, detergent, and shampoo containers, as well as the container caps.

According to the Commission, of the 22,367 tons of waste generated in 2010 in the Village of Larchmont and the Town of Mamaroneck, 13,784 tons of material (62%) were recycled in the form of paper, plastics, glass, metal and organic material.

These communities now rank among the top communities in Westchester for recycling.  Aside from the benefits to the environment, they avoided over $170,000 in additional waste disposal costs.

Did you know that after pick-up, your recyclables go to a MRF ( a.k.a., Materials Recovery Facility)? To find out how MRFs work, you can watch a video on the new web page.

Check out the new web page for all kinds of useful information.

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