One Year + 10,000 Glasses of Wine- Vintage1891 Celebrates First Anniversary


Happy Anniversary to Vintage 1891 in Larchmont, which opened a year ago this weekend.

For many, Vintage, a beautiful venue in a meticulously renovated old newspaper printing factory, has become the local go-to place for food and wine, events and wine classes.

We asked General Manager Michael Madden how the last year looked from behind the bar.

theLoop: Does it feel like it’s been a year?
Michael: It actually feels longer but in a good way because Vintage 1891 has changed so much since we first opened our doors. Moving from a small plates and cheese venue to a full service restaurant has been challenging but really rewarding. The community has really been behind us and wanting us to succeed.

What was your greatest accomplishment this year?
I feel most proud keeping coworkers that have been here since the beginning excited and motivated as we have grown. Our Wine Director, Alicia Wilbur, and our Special Events Manager, Amy Negri, have been more than instrumental in our success. But of course I’m extremely proud of our new Executive Chef, Jesus Canela who joined us at the end of last year. All of them are an extremely talented and dedicated group of people.

What do you think people like best about Vintage?
It has to be how beautiful and welcoming our space is coupled with our excellent food. It really is an environment that conforms to the guest rather than the other way around. People can come in and just relax and join a group of friends for drinks or have romantic dinners next to the fire place. It definitely breaks some ideas of what a Westchester restaurant could be.

You’ve worked many places, including the Moderne Barn in Armonk. How does Vintage 1891 compare in terms of vibe? Patrons?
I loved my time at Moderne Barn in Armonk. The Livanos family behind that project is very knowledgeable and they work very hard to prove that they are great restaurateurs. That said, Moderne Barn is a very different animal than Vintage 1891. Our vibe tends to be much more relaxed and people have said that we are very “downtown” without all the pretense.

What is your main goal for year 2?
I want to continue to reinforce our message about our delicious food. Also to let people know our wine lists are growing every day. And that we are excited about all the new additions to our beers and spirits.

Congratulations to Vintage1891 on a great first year!

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