One to One Fit Facts: Shoveling Snow


Snow Shoveling  is real exercise.  Treat it like it is.  Here are some tips to protect yourself…and your back!

  • Warm up!  Go through some stretches or active warm-ups you are familiar with.  Incorporate a squat and some reaching exercises to get your hips and back loose.
  • Your hips should dominate.  Don’t be lazy!  Bend your knees and get underneath each shovelful.  Your hamstrings, glutes, and back should all work together.  If your back hurts it means you didn’t recruit from the strong hip muscles.
  • Draw your belly tight.  Right at the point where you need to lift the weight of the snow, pinch your inside stomach muscles tight (It will feel as if your stopping yourself from going to the bathroom).  This will help activate your natural weight belt and stabilize your hips and spine.
  • Switch sides.  Just like you should with your exercise programs, make sure to change sides and angles repeatedly.  This will allow you to recruit from more muscles groups and ensure that one side does not get overworked.

If you need help or assistance with any of these, feel free to call us.

In my next post, I will write about the importance of diet in seeing results from your exercise programs.  One2One will be hosting a 30day diet challenge that can change the way you eat.

Sean Fitzpatrick is owner of One2One BodyScapes in Mamaroneck

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