Potholes: What to Do if You Hit a Big One

14 Jan, 2014

By Polly Kreisman


Speaking of all those awful potholes out there, we asked Vinny Sparano over at J&F Auto Body at the Larchmont Train Station exactly what kind of damage they can do to your vehicle. He tells us there’s tire sidewall damage, wheel and rim cracks, alignment issues, damage to the strut or shocks and in rare cases, your air bags can deploy.

“Here’s what to check after hitting a ‘big one,’ Vinny says: “Check the sidewalls for ‘bubbles,’ which means the tire interior is starting to separate. You can get a blow out. Check your tire pressure for show leaks from cracked rims, and also have someone look at your wheel alignment. Uneven tire wear could result if it isn’t fixed.”

Thanks, Vinny. Be careful out there.

photo: Steven Depolo

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  • jb

    In Larchmont call Rick @ the DPW @ 834 6965 ….