Larchmont’s Joan Rivers (1933-2014)

04 Sep, 2014

By Polly Kreisman



The house to which Joan Rivers moved as a Teen

The house to which Joan Rivers moved as a teenager

 Joan Rivers  died at 1:17 pm Thursday, 7 days after being rushed to a hospital for complications induced by throat surgery. She was 81.

It’s a good time to remember how she remembers her home town, when her name was Joan Alexandra Molinsky,….

ABC News reports, the clinic where Joan Rivers was undergoing a procedure prior to her hospitalization and death is now under investigation — though wrongdoing is not suspected, a source said.

The New York State Health Department told ABC News that it has opened a “full investigation” into Yorkville Endoscopy Center in New York City to determine whether the clinic would be cited for violations.

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