Hampshire Asks Mamaroneck for Zone Change to Build Condos

31 Jan, 2014

By Polly Kreisman

Artist’s rendering of proposed condominium development for Hampshire

The owners of Hampshire Country Club submitted a request for a zoning change to the Mamaroneck Village Board this week, in an effort to begin the process of building a “clustered condominium complex” with 121 “high-end luxury residences.

This plan, as well as an alternate vision of 106 single family homes on the existing Golf Course has met with significant resistance among many Mamaroneck residents. (See our previous coverage)

This, says Thomas Nappi, the senior project manager at Hampshire, will establish a “sustainable, relatively low impact” solution to a problem he says plagues Golf Courses throughout the County and the world: “The golf business is an unsustainable business. So something has to happen,” he told theLoop.

The condo development, called “Residences at Hampshire” would require rezoning the property, and the golf course would remain. Otherwise, Nappi says, the second option of 106 individual single-family homes, which range between 6,000 and 7,000 square feet, does adhere to existing zoning laws. This latter option would raze the golf course.

According to Nappi, the condo plan is expected to add only 60 car trips a day during peak hours and add very little to the traffic patterns in Orienta. Hampshire, not the village, would be responsible for infrastructure such as road maintenance, sewers, sanitation and snow removal. It would also build a substantial retaining wall along a section of Eagle Knolls Road.

The Village Board can consider or decline to consider the Request for Zoning Change filed this week. Either housing plan would require public hearings.


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