Fountains on Beechmont Lake will Fight Algae

20 Jan, 2014

By Joyce Newman, Environmental Reporter



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Beechmont Lake in New Rochelle– the victim of multiple algae blooms in past summers– will be getting a much-needed facelift this year if all goes well. (See our previous coverage.)

Having completed a two-year negotiation with the City of New Rochelle,  The Beechmont Association, a neighborhood citizen group, has announced the beginning of the restoration of the lake. The New Rochelle City Council approved the project on Dec. 17. It will entail the installation of two aerating fountains, along with lighting and the necessary power supply. The city will contribute a portion of the costs as a local match–$8500– for purchasing , installation, and upkeep of the fountains. The project is designed to improve both the lake’s oxygenation and its aesthetics.

Winter skating on Beechmont Lake Jan.18 2009

Winter skating on Beechmont Lake Jan.18, 2009

The Beechmont Association worked with the New Rochelle Parks and Recreation and Public Works Departments to research the collaborative project. Previously, the city organized a non-profit group called “Friends of the New Rochelle Parks,”  which can accept tax-deductible earmarked contributions for the lake project. The Beechmont Association voted unanimously to fund $10,000 to the project and is seeking funds from residents to offset this cost.

Founder-close-960-321x210The lake, which covers more than 7 acres, was created in 1902 by Eugene and John Lambden, developers of the Beechmont area.  New Rochelle boasted an estimated 15,000 residents at the time.


In recent years, Westchester County and New York State  pioneered environmental legislation intended to reduce unsightly green algae blooms on Beechmont and other lakes by limiting the use of phosphorus-containing fertilizers that stimulate the growth of algae. But the new laws haven’t done enough to eliminate the algae blooms.

Last summer, New Rochelle’s Public Works Department treated the summer algae on Beechmont and Glenwood Lakes by using the herbicide Reward (active ingredient: Diquat Dibromide), to reduce the growth of  vegetation.
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