Current School Busing to Stay at Hommocks

08 Apr, 2014

By Polly Kreisman

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The Mamaroneck School District quietly recommended that yellow bus service for students at Hommocks Middle School continue at its current level.

Fairness 4 Kids spokesman Morgan Hook said,  “What the School District is intentionally not telling parents right now is that tonight they will vote on a new policy giving them wide discretion to decide on who will and will not get yellow bus service in the future. And they can do that without public input as soon as next year.”

In an email Monday night, the District writes,

“Because of the additional funds (about $745,000) available, the Superintendent recommended (and the Board has agreed) to put back into a Revised Superintendent’s Recommended Budget some programs/personnel that had been eliminated from the budget presented March 18th.  Among the programs put back into the budget are co-op camp and MHS summer school.  The Board also agreed to maintain the current level of yellow bus transportation for eligible students attending Hommocks Middle School and eligible private/parochial students in grades 6-8. Therefore, the issue of Hommocks busing has been taken off the table for (Tuesday) evening’s Board meeting. “

School spokeswoman Debbie Manetta says, “All students in grades 6-8 who are currently receive yellow bus service (those going to Hommocks, as well as private/parochial schools) will continue to receive this level of service.

The Preliminary Superintendent’s Recommended Budget included eliminating some yellow bus service routes for secondary students(middle and high school) attending private/parochial schools.  Busing for Hommocks students who live more than 2 miles from school was going to be discussed this evening, but that is now off the table.”

But Fairness 4 Kids says it believes there will be a vote to substitute public transportation vouchers for yellow bus service for many students as early as the Fall.

“And the Board has never considered the public safety concern, ” Hook said.

A “Fair and Safe School Bus” petition signed by over 890 people will be presented to the Board Tuesday night.

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