New Rochelle Roadway ReBoots: Quaker Ridge and Dick van Dyke



Some changes are coming to two notable New Rochelle roadways.

First, Oh Rob. The New Rochelle City Council agreed to officially assign Bonnie Meadow Road, that famous address for Rob and Lara Petrie on The Dick van Dyke Show, with a new name: Dick Van Dyke Show Way.

A City Council release says, “the show brought attention to New Rochelle as the Petries lived in this city at the fictional address of 148 Bonnie Meadow Road, which was based on the home address of the show’s producer, Carl Reiner, at 48 Bonnie Meadow Road.

“Given the Dick Van Dyke Show’s reflections of and impact on American culture, it is fitting that an honorary street name be given to Bonnie Meadow Road.”

Here’s a little video we did a few years ago that includes this very place:


And LoHud reports Quaker Ridge Road will get a reboot. It’s one of the city’s major roadways, and as your tires know, it’s due for a major upgrade. 

“It’s built like a highway,” Mayor Noam Bramson said. “It’s a highway to nowhere.”

Quaker Ridge Road, with its concrete surface, is riddled with cracks and potholes. The 48-foot-wide road currently runs four lanes across with no shoulder on either side..

 City spokeswoman Kathy Gilwit said a long-awaited, citywide bike-share program will begin installation this year and will be rolled out in the spring.

Gilwit also said installation of Palo WiFi kiosks, announced last year, will take place over the winter.

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