New Rochelle Police Blotter


LARCENY FROM A MOTOR VEHICLE:  Between 12:45 PM and 1 PM a Dell computer worth $800 and an Ipod worth $200 were stolen from an unlocked Ford Escape parked in front of 194 North Avenue. Aug. 30th

ASSAULT: A 62 year old blind man on Pelham Road heard someone in his apartment and later found  $1,900 missing from his safe.  He suspected it was someone in his sister’s family who was living in the same building.  After confronting the family and allegedly hitting one of them with his cane; he was punched by his nephew on the right side of his face leaving him swollen and red.  The 25 year old male (nephew) was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of Assault 3rd.  Aug 31

ROBBERY:  A 31 year old male, New Rochelle resident was robbed by 4 teenage males on Centre Avenue Bridge.  They took his cell phone and wallet with $10 cash and ID.  The victim had minor scrapes on his elbow and knee but refused medical attention.  Aug. 31

SEX OFFENSE:  A 69 year old female was cleaning her lawn when a male in a small, blue vehicle pulled up to her house and asked her for directions and exposed his penis and drove off. Aug. 31

LARCENY:  Home Depot security on 55 Weyman Place caught a 37 year old, male Mt. Vernon resident attempting to steal a sump pump worth $142.  The man was arrested for Petit Larceny, a misdemeanor.  Aug. 31


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