New Rochelle Police Blotter


43 year old  Jose DeFelipe was believed to have jumped off the Transportation Center parking garage roof in New Rochelle at 5:30 pm Tuesday, and suffered serious injuries. He was under investigation by Bronx detectives for the slaying of his wife earlier in the day. He was trying to commit suicide, police said.

Jacqueline Rosario-Luna-DeFelipe, 37, was found stabbed multiple times in her apartment at 355 E. 187th St. after police received a 911 call at 2:34 p.m.

Police believe DeFelipe jumped from the roof of the four-level Transit Center parking garage.

ASSAULT:  A Mayday was called in by the Klondike party boat near the Whitestone Bridge after numerous altercations broke out.  A 26 year old Mount Vernon man was arrested on an assault misdemeanor charge after attacking a 21 and a 33 year woman.  The older woman had a bruised swollen lip and large bump on the side of her head.  A 25 year old Bronx resident was arrested for assault 2nd and criminal mischief 3rd, both felonies.  The 37 year old had a 2 inch long cut on his right forearm and was sent to Sound Shore for medical treatment.  July 2nd

LARCENY:  A 35 year old woman was arrested after attempting to shoplift $18 worth of ground beef and $127 worth of Enfamil baby formula from the Palmer Avenue Stop and Shop.  She faces a petty larceny misdemeanor charge.   July 2nd

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  Two 2011 Honda Accords parked on Echo Avenue were discovered by their owners with the driver side front and back doors scratched in separate incidents.  July 3rd

BURGLARY:  A 20 year old Summit Avenue female reported 2 TVs were stolen worth $400 and $150 along with her $50 DVD Player were missing.  Pry marks were discovered outside the front door and the upstairs door was kicked in.  July 3rd

CRIMINAL MISCHEIF:  A female Bronx resident parked her 2011 Nissan Altima on 5th Avenue and discovered all 4 of her tires were slashed.  July 4th

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