New Rochelle Police Blotter


ASSAULT: Four men were involved in an altercation in front of the Mirage Diner on 690 North Avenue.  An 18 year old was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor charge of Assault 3rd.  The police are looking for the other suspect.  No medical treatment was required for either of the two victims.  June 17th

CRIMINAL MISCHEIF: A 75 year old Palmer Avenue male resident reported his 1998 Toyota was broken into from the passenger side window.  Nothing was taken.  June 17th

LARCENY FROM A MOTOR VEHICLE:  Sometime between 10:00 PM on the 18th and 6:00 on the 19th a Mayflower Avenue resident reported 2 GPSs worth $200 each were missing from his 2004 Trail Blazer and 2004 Ford Explorer.   June 19th

ATTEMPT ROBBERY:  A 12 year old and 10 year old males were approached by two 13 year old males who demanded money from them.  The 12 year old was punched in the face.  The victims refused to hand over any money and fled to Subway and called the police from there.  No medical attention was required.  June 19th

BURGLARY: Between 7:30 PM on the 18th and 8:30 AM on the 19th someone broke the door knob and lock of the Sutton Florist shop and took jewelry out of an unlocked safe.  No dollar amount was given.  June 19th

BURGLARY:  A 37 year old female left her Union Avenue apartment between 2:30 PM and 9:30 PM and discovered her jewelry box full of assorted jewelry was missing.  There were no signs of forced entry.  June 19th

GRAND LARCENY:  A 21 year old stole a 2007 Dodge Van from a Pleasant Street parking lot.  The van was discovered by police in a City Park parking lot where the man was arrested on a felonious charge of Grand Larceny Auto.  June 19th



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