New Rochelle Police Blotter


March 21- 27, 2011







BURGLARY: Five men broke in through the rear door of a Pinebrook Boulevard home, stealing Indian rupees and jewelry of undetermined value.  The homeowner was present at her house and did not originally hear the break-in but heard footsteps on the floor above her.  Upon spotting the men, they fled in a Nissan Altima.  A short police car chase ensued, until the suspects abandoned their car on Hamilton Avenue and ran. Police ultimately arrested four of the burglars, and recovered the money and jewelry. One suspect remains at large. March 21.

CRIMINAL POSSESION OF STOLEN PROPERTY: Police arrested three men for possessing stolen property after finding five bails of cardboard from Costco inside a box truck pulled over on Industrial Lane. Each bail is worth $300 to $400. March 22.

STOLEN CAR: Someone stole a 2009 Porsche worth about $100,000 from a Potter Avenue body repair shop, where the car’s rear bumper was being fixed.  There are no suspects.  March 25

ASSAULT: A 21-year-old man was punched on the right side of his face on North Avenue and Winthrop.  The victim didn’t know who punched him, and refused medical attention.  March 26



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