New Rochelle HS Implements Security Overhaul


New Rochelle’s Board of Education has made some big changes to security at the high school following a disturbing trend of violent incidents involving students off campus.

Random searches end to “open campus” during lunch hours and even a new app for reporting incidents of bullying will be implemented.

Anonymous Alerts, a free smartphone app for students, allows them to anonymously report incidents of bullying, violence, or drugs or alcohol on campus directly to the administration.

All this comes after yet another skirmish Wednesday involving high school students, Police say they responded to the corner of Chauncey Avenue and Clove Road to break up a fight; about 20 students scattered when police arrived, they said.

The City released a statement Thursday which reads,

“The City and School District are working together for school and community safety on a daily basis. Yesterday, the New Rochelle Police Department responded to an incident after dismissal from New Rochelle High School…NRPD immediately briefed school district security, and today, the high school staff and NRPD Youth Officers are following up and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken as necessary.”


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