New Attorney for Mamaroneck Village


After several months of comings and goings, as well as politicking, the Village of Mamaroneck has a new attorney.

Michael McDermott, a Somers town justice and attorney in private practice, will work as a consulting attorney on a part-time basis following the Village Board’s approval of him taking the job Monday night.

A mayoral nominee, McDermott was confirmed by a 3-2 vote.  Two of the board’s three Democratic board members voted against McDermott’s appointment.

McDermott’s appointment follows several turbulent months in the Village Attorney’s office, which peaked with the resignation of Steven Silverberg in April – just three months after he took the job. His predecessor left the job to be Village Justice.

Silverberg, whose firm also consulted village land-use boards, cited financial reasons for leaving the job, saying the monthly Village retainer did not cover the amount of work the job required. Some, however, questioned whether his departure was tied to Democratic trustees’ search for someone to replace him as the land-use board consultant.

The Village Attorney position has been a point of contention among local leaders, with control of the position changing every time the board majority does. A full-time attorney held the job until two years ago, when Mayor Norman Rosenblum replaced a Democratic appointee with a part-time lawyer.

In other news, trustees also approved a $15,000 raise for Tony Iacovelli, the Village’s public works foreman whose past overtime pay has been controversial. The raise brings Iacovelli’s salary to $105,000 retroactive to last June.

Officials cut off Iacovelli’s overtime pay last year after a review showed he received $150,000 in overtime pay, at a rate of either time-and-a-half or double, between 2004 and 2010. However, an executive order states that general foremen could only receive pay equal to their regular hourly rate.





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