Namaste: Our New Yoga Column


This week we begin a new column on yoga, written by Franklin Shire, a local yoga instructor.

Why is “listening to the breath” central to practicing yoga?

The breath can tell us what we need. To listen to one’s breath brings one to center, or truth, in that moment. Breath awareness/attention brings stillness, calms the mind, brings us present to the body, et voila!, a connection is made:  the yoga (or yoking) of the mind, body, spirit.

Breath and body awareness is self awareness, the discovery of one’s own yoga.
We can do it anytime.  Stop.  Sit comfortably, close the eyes, and take ten breaths, your attention in the present moment, this breath, now.  Its real, powerful.  An opportunity.

“Stay in the center of the circle, and let all things take their course.”  Lao Tzu






Franklin Shire is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher whose regular yoga practice “rooted me enough to consider the possibility of teaching.  I feel humbled and grateful to share the benefits of this ancient art of self cultivation.” Franklin’s focused, yet playful, approach to the practice reflects the possibility of transformation through compassion and self-awareness. He teaches locally at Equinox, Infinite Yoga Center (Larchmont), the Yoga Sanctuary (Mamaroneck), Yoga Haven (Tuckahoe) and other private and corporate settings, as well as the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.

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