Mother’s Day: How to Say it with Flowers


Get local, fresh flowers for best results.



A small study of three widely advertised national florists —,, and– suggests that local flower shops can be a better way to go.

The study, reported in the May issue of Consumer Reports, evaluated 24 flower deliveries, including roses, tulips, orchids, and mixed bouquets. The bouquets cost anywhere from $57 to $87 for the flowers, plus optional vases, and delivery charges.

Panelists compared the actual deliveries to what they saw on the website for each florist. They discovered that what you see online is not necessarily what you get.

According to the editors, “The flowers most likely to look the way they did on websites were tulips, roses, and orchids….” But they cautioned, “….steer away from mixed bouquets….”

If you shop locally, you can find flowers available from a variety shops and markets, often at far lower prices than those listed by the national florists.

A special Mother’s Day shipment of Honeysuckle Orchids ($15.99 each) is coming to Trader Joe’s on the Boston Post Road in Mamaroneck (833-9110), according to the store supervisor. A variety of other bouquets, including roses, also will be arriving soon.

At Larchmont Floral Design on Chatsworth Avenue (834-3036) a staffer says there’s a new supply of blooming plants and fresh flower favorites, such as peonies and hydrangeas, plus a variety of floral arrangements with other spring flowers.

Another option: look to your own garden and pick what’s in bloom. A fresh, homemade arrangement will be much appreciated.

Have a happy, colorful, and fragrant Mother’s Day!


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  1. Thanks for this comment and helpful tips. Always great to hear from our readers and what they like.

  2. Don’t forget local Larchmont florist… the flower bar…Nancy White, new owner, carries a beautiful assortment of unique flowers that can be purchased by the stem. You can customize your own arrangement or have one of their talented designers help you. For a unique Mother’s Day Gift, ask about their floral arranging classes. The store also carries other lovely gifts as well. Addison Street between Chatsworth and Larchmont Avenue.

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