Monday’s Opening Photo: Crayfish Crossing


photo and story submitted to the looppool on flickr by simply innocuous:

Friday afternoon, during a series of high volume rainfalls from passing thunderstorms, and after two days of unusually high heat, an exodus of crawfish fled Glenwood Lake in New Rochelle. They climbed the steep bank around the lake and scuttled out into the roadways to be pancaked by the tires of passing cars.

Question: why did they suddenly flee the lake? Was there something in the sudden influx of storm drain water that irritated them? Was is intolerance to anaerobic environment caused by the overgrowth of algae? Was is not enough food for the large population?

These crayfish seem to be new to the lake within the last five years or even more recent.

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One thought on “Monday’s Opening Photo: Crayfish Crossing

  1. Great photo! Reminds me of the day I was standing on a ladder painting the side of my house in New Orleans and, catching movement out of the corner of my eye, looked down to see a humongous crawfish dashing along the sidewalk below. He, however, was an escapee from the crawfish boil party happening in the backyard behind me – one smart crawfish, I’d say. Too bad the ones escaping Glenwood lake ended up under the wheels of passing cars – what a waste!

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