(More) Monday Music at Memorial


Whether you’re a regular at the Town of Mamaroneck’s free summer concerts or haven’t been to one yet, even though the schedule is technically over, there is now one more chance to enjoy one.

The last two Monday night concerts were cancelled due to rain…so…the popular band Reunion will take to the Memorial Park stage from 7 to 9 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 8.

It’s as good an excuse as any to whip out the picnic basket and blanket and make an evening of listening to tunes while lounging on the lawn.

The event is free and open to all.


4 thoughts on “(More) Monday Music at Memorial

  1. I agree that some sort of update status should be made available online concerning concerts and possible cancellations. We were all set to go to the Back to the Garden concert on August 1 when the storm began. Weather reports on TV didn’t look too promising, so in the end we decided not to go, eating our already packed picnic at home instead. Imagine our disappointment when we found out the following day that the concert did indeed go on, just a half hour later than originally scheduled. We should have been able to go online to find this out, and though we tried, there was no information available. Too bad. We’re sorry we missed it, but even more so knowing that we didn’t have to.

  2. UR V.WLCM E’TRX :-)

    We all need something as simple as an announcement phone number to call for status updates of Town events. An info “banner” for quick updates if Town has active web site and dial-out/e-mail to local e-papers (like yours) and local blogs, to spread information could be a useful too and should be very cheap and very easy.

    The earlier rescheduled concert had a “Cancelled” sign at Memorial Park next to the “Concert Tonight” sign. Arriving to find out whether an event is being held is wasteful, and obviously discouraging to many.

    What century did you say we’ve reached? Effective government communication is critical these days, for concerts, and certainly for the rest of our local government functions as they must tackle significant issues for and with its people.


  3. BACK TO THE GARDEN 1969 on August 1st, was held. Probably somewhat drier weather that evening than the original “Woodstock”, probably a smaller crowd than both the original “Woodstock” and the average for Memorial Park concerts, due to the weather or many not knowing whether it would be cancelled, or an August Larchmont exodus, or something else. But certainly very much enjoyed by those who came out for an excellent concert; obvious from the very wide range of ages coming up towards the stage to dance to the music.

    Hope that they’ll be back again!

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