Missing Rye Teen Found Unharmed in NYC


The Journal News is reporting that 15 year old Pierce Crowley, the Rye teen missing since Friday has been located in New York City.

The Iona Prep Freshman, subject of a massive search, and another boy sneaked out of a side door at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in White Plains said police. The two were reportedly enrolled in a program there.

The other boy, 13, who has not been named, told authorities that he and Crowley left the hospital in the afternoon and got into a taxi, which took them both to the White Plains railroad station.

When the two got out, the unidentified boy said he took a train to his home in New York City. He told authorities he did not know where Crowley was going.

More details were not available, but will be posted when they are released.


8 thoughts on “Missing Rye Teen Found Unharmed in NYC

  1. As a mother of a six year old boy, I have been very distressed about this story. He could be any one of our sons, he could be MY son. I have been emailing everyone in my contact list the story and his picture, to raise awareness and bring him home safely. So…I am thrilled that the Loop has posted this update, in particular because there is a very happy outcome! I agree that once the parents go on the news and ask the community for help, privacy issues are a moot point. Let’s just be happy for the family that they have their son and brother back!

  2. Why you published any information other on this 15 year old (that’s aminor, in case you were confused) than that he was found and returned home safely is a complete mystery to me. Your journalistic ethics are questionable at best, and were I the boy’s parent, I would be engaging counsel. Oh, I will stick around for a day or so to see if this story is removed or edited appropriately before I unsubscribe. I would think others might consider the same action.

    • Hi- thanks for your comment. All the national and local media reported this, from Patch on up to the NYT and WSJ because it was important info as to exactly where he had last been seen. No one ever said what kind of program, he could have been training in CPR for all we know. But thanks for the advice.

    • Larchmont Resident, do you believe that missing children not be publicized in order for people to look for them even if the family requests it? Do you think that the notices of missing children on milk cartons should be discontinued? Please, since you are sticking around before unsubscribing, and I am taking your post seriously, what is your position?

    • If I were the parent, I’d be ‘slightly’ more concerned about WHY my 15 yo ran away from home in the 1st place, than what the national attention did to his reputation.

      Who said what program he was in, and even so…who cares except for a few narrow-minded people out there that demand nothing but perfection from their kids even if it breaks them in the process.

    • LR, you are misguiided in your thinking about this. It was the family and friends of the missing boy who took to the streets and the internet with information that could help locate the boy. He was a runaway from a substance abuse program. They covered the area of washington heights that is known for catering to these types of troubled teens, got the flyers to the PD there and THAT is how he was found. a copy of tthe flyer with his photo, it was in his pocket.

      • so…dont you think tht it may be best to get out the pertinent details instead of letting people think that maybe there was a kidnappingor maybe he ran off to hollywood to become a star or join the circus? FOCUS on where the kid may have gone or what the kid may have been looking to do and voila, FIND the kid. tht is all that matters. I agree with the attitude of the family….privacy is the last thing that matters if my kid is missing. And know what? now that he is home, i dont see that he is being scrutinized or harrassed, people are just so happy he was found and are affording him and his family respect and privacy even though many are curious about it, we just wish them well.

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