Mamaroneck Students Back After Gas Leak and Snow


Crews still at work today repairing gas lines

About 1500 Mamaroneck High School students are heading back to class today for the first time since being sent home early Friday due to a gas leak, then hit with more cancellations Saturday with the snow.

“The gas has been turned on and the building is now safe,” said a Mamaroneck School District spokeswoman.

Students were allowed in Sunday morning for two hours to pick up their belongings.  Midterm exams will now follow this schedule.

The school was evacuated around 11:30 a.m. Friday after a Con Ed employee reported gas seeping into the building, the spokesperson, Debbie Manetta, said.

Crews for the utility had been on site repairing an underground pipe that feeds gas to several classrooms and science labs, she said.

Senior Bianca Iocana said she was surprised when she heard the fire alarm go off because there are rarely fire drills around lunchtime, when many kids are off campus.

Still, she was hardly fazed by it, or dozens of fire and police vehicles on the grounds.

“Everyone was happy to leave school,” she said.

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