Metro North Engineer Suspended for Reading while Driving


In the aftermath of the expose showing a Metro north driver reading the paper while driving the train, it’s unlikely to happen again really soon. But have you ever seen this?

A Metro-North veteran, identified as John Cooper, was suspended when he was caught on video reading the NY Post while helming a Harlem Line train barrelling through the Bronx yesteday.

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As the New York Post notes, he was reading the NY Post.

As the Daily News sees it, the man was reading a “newspaper.”

Cooper was recorded by a passenger as he leafed through the tabloid at 8:30 in the morning.

Metro-North said this is not standard operating procedure.

“Reading anything, texting or using cell phones while operating a train is totally unacceptable,” Metro-North said in a statement. “Metro-North is taking action to ensure this does not happen again. Every member of every train crew is being reinstructed today that this behavior will not be tolerated.”

photo: Fox5 News

One thought on “Metro North Engineer Suspended for Reading while Driving

  1. Suspended with full pay and benefits per his union contract, I’ll bet!

    What is the point of working anymore when you can read the paper and get paid the same.

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