Metro-North Cuts Peak Trains 10%


The MTA is cutting Metro-North railroad New Haven line commuter trains by 10% to a “Reduced Winter Schedule” February 7 to March 4.  In addition, Saturday trains will run on a Sunday schedule, cutting those runs by about half, starting Feb. 5.


On a notice left on train seats Thursday, MNR President Howard Permut writes about what commuters already know: “The extreme winter weather’s repeated pummeling of the region has had a devastating impact on our New Haven line….The situation is dire. on a daily basis, there are close to 150 (40%) cars out of service on the New Haven line.”

It’s a PR nightmare following closely on the heels of  the open door video.

He explains the the age of the fleet – most of the cars are over 40 years old – makes component of cars, such as motors, brake and doors, extremely vulnerable to snow.  And it doesn’t help that much of the overhead line system is more than 100 years old, as are many of the movable bridges.

The MTA is “hopeful” the M8 rail cars will be the panacea, and soon. (Video and bad music here)

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More Blizzardly Misery for New Haven Line in

New Rochelle Station (via flickr)

One thought on “Metro-North Cuts Peak Trains 10%

  1. That notice from President Permut is very nice, but it fails to address a significant problem for local riders. If you have missed the technology boat, as apparently MNR and President Permut have, stop making it solely the passengers’ problem. Start refunding money to passengers, who have not had the service they paid for in a very long time. When other providers of services or products deliver something defective, they are reimbursed, in cash, services, or both. Why has MNR continued to avoid the reality of this most basic of business principles? When you pay for a seat, you should get one to sit in during your trip, and you ought to sit in a car that has a reasonable level of heat or cooling. That, however, has become a rare treat that many never get to sample on MNR. The new norm is shortened trains, cold cars, standing room only, and lately, cars where it is impossible to inject yourself into an already stuffed car of passengers standing, not only in the vestibule, but throughout the length of the aisles. It is not only uncomfortable and dehumanizing–it is dangerous. And trains are late, at best, or cancelled, at worst–sometime with no notification. We have missed business meetings, and been late for family events. All of it costs us: in money, time, anxiety and lost business opportunities.
    How can MNR continue to run from doing the decent thing? It’s one thing to claim surprise that winter came again this year. It’s quite another to avoid responsibility to your passengers entirely.

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