Memorial Day Tribute: Local War Heroes Bring it Home Generations Later


Ron Robina, Frank Ippolito and Anthony Marsala


Teacher Richard Darcy with Frank Ippolito, Anthony Marsala and Richard Cantor

LARCHMONT/MAMARONECK– For ten years,  8th Grade Hommocks Teacher Richard Darcy has been bringing World War II veterans into his classroom to speak about their experiences.

Ron Robina, Frank Ippolito, Anthony Marsala and Richard Cantor (nephew of Richard Kemper of the Kemper Memorial in Mamaroneck) speak very personally about loved ones lost, and have the students read the poetry and letters they wrote during the war.

Student reads poem aloud

Ronald, one of the very first veterans Darcy had speak in 2003, brings original helmets (both German and American), military jackets (from WWII and his father’s from WWI) along with personal photos, maps, newspaper cutouts and more for the kids to pass along and try on.

Frank brings in artwork made during the war, one of which was a pen and ink drawing in Japanese style, though they were fighting the Japanese. Anthony brings in a picture of himself and two brothers, his older one died in combat at age 21. He speaks about how the Kemper memorial is so important to him because his brother’s body wasn’t flown back. He also talks about the names of Mamaroneck High School friends on the memoria, which now has 101 names.

Story and photos by Jacqueline Silberbush

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