Manhattanville Murderer Sentenced


Stacey Pagli

Harrison resident Stacey Pagli will spend 20 years in state prison for murdering her daughter last year on the Manhattanville College campus.

According to the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, Pagli, 39, was sentenced this morning for manslaughter following her pleading guilty in February to killing her daughter, Marissa, a year before.

Psychiatric experts from both the prosecution and the defense “agreed unanimously that at the time the crime was committed, the defendant suffered an extreme emotional disturbance,” a spokesperson for the DA’s office said.

The murder occurred on February 22, 2010, when Pagli started arguing with 18-year-old Marissa, a Manhattanville freshman, in the family’s on-campus faculty housing, the spokesperson said.  The argument soon turned physical, with Pagli strangling her daughter to death.

Pagli then tried to kill herself but was revived after her husband, a Manhattanville employee, walked in on the scene.





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