Man Struck in Head After Argument in Downtown Scarsdale


SCARSDALE–Scarsdale Police report a man was struck in the head after a verbal exchange with two other men at about 1:45 am June 15, in front of the 7-11 at 8 Garth Road, in downtown Scarsdale.

Here is the police report:

Caller reports his friend was assaulted in front of the 7-11 store. Actors in a green 4door VW s/b Garth. EPD (Eastchester Police Dept.) advised.

Patrol responded and spoke to the complainant, __, who advised that he had been struck in the left side of his head after a verbal altercation with two male parties in front of 7-11.

Mr. ___ stated that he had held the door of the 7-11 for the two males when the younger of the two became verbally combative asking “What did you say?” and “Do you have a f–ing problem?”. Mr. ___ stated that he had not addressed either of the two males prior to this.

Mr. ___ stated that after the initial verbal confrontation he and his friends proceed to walk south on Garth Road towards Eastchester with Mr. __ and his son following them. Mr. ___ advised that he was struck on the left side of his head by the younger ___ as he and his friends walked past Gionnoni’s Deli. Mr. ___ stated that prior to his being struck the younger ___ stated “I’m gonna punch someone in the face”. Mr. ___ advised further that after he was struck, the men walked to their vehicle, a Volkswagen 4dsd, color green, and drove from the scene heading south on Garth Road towards Eastchester.

Mr. ___advised that he was not in need of any medical attention and did not wish to press any charges at this time. Mr. ___ stated that his main concern was that the men drove from the area in an apparent intoxicated state.

Patrol canvassed the area for the parties in question and their vehicle with negative results.

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