Man Falls Through Frozen Echo Bay, New Rochelle


The view from Five Islands Park


Talk of the Sound reports New Rochelle Police rescued a man who fell through the ice on Monday off the shore of Five Islands Park in New Rochelle, just as the temperatures had started to rise.

“He was in the water for about ten minutes,”  New Rochelle Police Sergeant Christopher Castiglia told the blog. “He was taken to Montefiore Hospital (New Rochelle) and treated for hypothermia.”

“He is lucky somebody heard him,” said Castiglia. “Nobody’s out there walking around. He could have died.”  Police had been alerted when someone heard the man yelling. By the time they arrived, he had pulled himself out of the water.

The man was found near the parking lot at Five Islands Park. 

Police said the man was walking across the ice covering Echo Bay from Five Islands Park to Hudson Park when he fell into the frigid water.

The air temperature at the time was about 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

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