Mamaroneck Woman Arraigned in Child’s Murder


A Mamaroneck woman was arraigned Tuesday in the murder of her four year old son. The Westchester DA says Manuel Maria Morgado, of 1035 East Boston Post Road, was charged with one count of Murder in the Second Degree.

Morgado pleaded Not Guilty.

On October 1st,  Mamaroneck Village police found the defendant in her bedroom in a semi-conscious state with her unresponsive four old child, Jake Reich,  who was pronounced dead at Sound Shore Hospital. Morgado was arrested at the hospital.

Morgado and her former husband in happier times

The investigation into the circumstances of the child’s death is ongoing.

“Manuela Morgado took the life of her own innocent four year old son in a horribly misguided attempt to make sure the child’s father would not have anything more to do with their lives, said District Attorney Janet DiFiore after the defendant was arraigned.

“The fact that the defendant over an extended period of time, methodically planned, purchased the materials used and carried out the crime, made the ultimate outcome all the more tragic.”


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