Mamaroneck’s Greenlife Focuses on Delicious and Nutritious



If you’ve never been to Greenlife, it’s time.

Greenlife is a family owned business focusing on delicious, nutritious, healthy food.

Founded in 2015, Green Life is a family owned business run by three local Westchester brothers; Anthony, Gregory, and Mark Caligiuri.

From creative salads and smoothies to sandwiches, wraps and protein bowls, the goal is simple:  provide the community with healthy, nutritious and delicious options that allow us all to “Eat Well and Live Well.”

The restaurant itself is a beautiful and modern escape from the frenetic pace of life. 

Now. Watch them make a salad:


One thought on “Mamaroneck’s Greenlife Focuses on Delicious and Nutritious

  1. I’ve been frequenting Green Life since it opened- it’s wonderful!! I always feel nourished after I’ve eaten there. It’s clean and wholesome food that is delicious- Also it’s ala huge plus to know calorie content!! It’s like real spa food!! Yummy

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