Mamaroneck Village to Open Community Garden



From the Village of Mamaroneck:

The Village of Mamaroneck is starting a community garden, and you can reserve a plot.

Situated in Bub Walker Park, at the Fenimore Road end (near the I95 overpass), it comprises 12 physical plots, each 8′ x 4′.

If you are a homeowner and have no sunny area to plant vegetables, or if you are an apartment-dweller, you have, as a resident of the Village of Mamaroneck, an opportunity to become a member of the garden.

  • Sign up at the “Clean & Green Day” on April 30th at Harbor Island Park (see
  • or at the Recreation Department:
  • Steven Johnston Beach Pavilion, 1 Harbor Island Park
  • (914) 777-7784


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