Mamaroneck Village: Tennis, Street Names and a Police Chief


Ever want to name a street after someone you know? In the Village of Mamaroneck, that won’t be so easy.

At Monday night’s Village Board meeting, family members of Joseph Spadaro and the owners of Vincent’s Garage requested honorary street name designations. Trustee Toni Ryan suggested that a policy be put in place to determine who gets a plaque.

Mayor Norman Rosenblum and Trustee Louis Santoro said the current system is democratic and effective, as members can “vote up or down” at a board meeting in front of the public. The board then decided 3-2 that the plaque requests be denied and that an honorary street name designation policy be put in place.

Over at the Sportime Tennis Facility, which both sides have agreed for ten years needs updating at a size and location to be determined, will continue to operate under the license agreement they have from the Village. All expenses to update the facility are intended to be funded through revenues and fees off of the tennis operations.

Sportime has had an agreement with village since 1999 to renovate and update the facilities, however they have yet to take place. At this meeting, Sportime was asking the board for a 24 month time period to come to an agreement. If an agreement is not reached after 24 months Sportime seeks to go ahead with the renovations at the location and footprint that is based upon the existing contract.

And Acting Chief Chris Leahy was officially made Police Chief last night.


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