Mamaroneck Town OK’s 2012 Budget


Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Valerie O'Keeffe and Larchmont Mayor Josh Mandell

The Mamaroneck Town Board on Wednesday approved its $31.2 million 2012 budget, which calls for a $752,000, or 2.5%, increase over 2011.

Under the budget, homeowners in the unincorporated Town of Mamaroneck will face a $266, or 4.7%, increase in property taxes. Homeowners in the Villages of Mamaroneck and Larchmont, who receive only a portion of Town services, will pay $5.60 more, according to Town Administrator Stephen Altieri.

The Town set its budget within the limits imposed by a new state-mandated tax cap, which for 2012 forbids local governments from increasing the total amount of property taxes raised by more than 2%.

Wednesday’s vote capped one of the Town’s more arduous budget-setting processes.

“This is the closest view and the most involved we’ve ever looked at the budget. The local government is run lean and man…we need to look at the services and realize how valuable they are versus how much we could be willing to save,” Town Councilwoman Nancy Seligson said.

“The local government only controls 20% [of the taxes], and of that 20% we control important services that are near and dear to everyone versus the tax savings it would be to cut them,” she said.

School and county taxes make up the rest of property tax bills.

— Photos and reporting by Jacqueline Silberbush

3 thoughts on “Mamaroneck Town OK’s 2012 Budget

  1. suburbancliche. You answered your ownquestion, but one minor change highlighted in a quote from you below:

    “but the sound bites surely got him” – THEM – “elected! (and isn’t that all that really matters??)”

    Elsewhere, someone explained as follows:

    “We need to stop giving credence to the political phrase tax cap as it does not limit the increase to the taxpayer to 2%.”

    “While we’ll need to better understand the differences between the Dec 7th and Dec 14th budgets, the latter with a lower tax increase, the increase appears still in the 5% range. Even more threatening is that the Town warns of not being able to continue to maintain itself with a level of tax rate increases in the future that exceed inflation when Westchester is already #1 in taxes.”

    “Not good enough.”

  2. I know it’s complicated! There are documents explaining the ins and outs of the budget on the town’s website at

    As for the tax cap issue, though, this is part of what it says:

    “This year the New York State legislature added a new wrinkle to the budget process by passing Chapter 97 of the New York State Laws of 2011 which establishes a limit on the annual growth of the property taxes levied by local government. Before beginning a detailed discussion of the proposed 2012 budget we want to review the legislation here first. The terminology of this legislation is important because this is not a cap on the change in the level of taxes to be paid by an individual property owner. Rather this is a cap on the total amount of property taxes that can be raised by a local government. Consideration was not given in the legislation regarding levels of assessment or other factors that impact the rate at which the tax levy is apportioned in the community.”

    Hope that helps.

  3. can someone please explain why the law says a maximum 2% increase , but the budget presented by the trustees is a 2.5% increase and our taxes are going up 4.7%???? Does Governor Cuomo know about this? I don’t think that’s what he had in mind…but the sound bites surely got him elected! (and isn’t that all that really matters??)

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