Mamaroneck Storefronts Remain Closed After June Fire



At least four businesses on Mamaroneck Avenue remain closed more than a month after a fire at the Village Luncheonette.

According to the Village Building Dept., the building, 152-158 Mamaroneck Avenue, which includes four storefronts, is considered hazardous and cannot reopen until its owner brings it up to code.

In addition to Hector’s Village Luncheonette, the building houses the Northeast Oyster Co., Harbor Vape Lounge and Sam’s Threading and Beauty Salon.


One thought on “Mamaroneck Storefronts Remain Closed After June Fire

  1. What a loss. Many of us have going there for over 40 years. Where is Nancy working?

    I hope they can get either relocated in Mam’k or the building made safe sooner than later.

    Very hard on a small popular business. I heard a local church held a sale to benefit the business that was giving free meals to local people in need. Anything to speed the recovery, that can be expedited by the building department should be a put on the fast track.
    Howard McMichael

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