Mamaroneck Schools to Consider Redistricting Due to Crowding

“Just Barely” Accommodating Enrollment, says School Board

The Mamaroneck Board of Education is exploring options to accommodate a significantly increasing student population, options that include possible redistricting, or “flexible elementary rezoning.”

While comparable school districts show declining or flat enrollment, the Mamaroneck School District has added about 650 students since 2010, according to the District, 471 of them kindergarteners.

“In December, we advised the community that in January we would explore possible redistricting as a potential near-term solution,” a recent letter from the Board to District residents stated.

Residents have been quick to react. A Facebook group, Forum Against Rezoning Mamaroneck Schools, was formed this week.

At a meeting scheduled for January 23, (details below) residents will learn about an option “that would ‘grandfather’ all families who currently have a child attending a particular elementary school.  Siblings would remain with siblings.”  Potential options for new students and their families are to be discussed.

“Our projections… were that we would be able to accommodate all expected enrollment at our elementary schools for September 2018 — but just barely,” the recent letter reads.

To further calculate enrollment numbers for the next year, the kindergarten registration will open earlier. A form was sent by email across the District this week, asking residents to list any new children seeking to enroll in September.

Murray Avenue and Chatsworth Avenue Elementary Schools are at capacity, or higher. The School Board says modular classrooms were considered, but they “determined on the basis of the required lead time and cost alone that modular classrooms were not a viable option for the fall.”

If you are unable to attend the January 23 meeting, it will be televised on LMC-TV and on LMC-TV’s website.   Those wishing to contact the Board on this issue can write to them at

School Board Meeting, January 23, 7:00 – 9:00 pm, Mamaroneck High School Tiered Classroom

22 thoughts on “Mamaroneck Schools to Consider Redistricting Due to Crowding

  1. I went to Murray Ave in the 80’s with my siblings, was looking to return to 10538 in the Murray zone with my kids…will pause that now. Thoughts;
    1st. In my neighborhood in the Upper West Side there is a choice daycare $$$, that has a plaque in the front lobby that very loftily states that it is a feeder program to the vaulted Columbia Prep, Trinity and Murray Ave(Larchmont) schools. Getting past the obvious statement of “choice” & self praise, understand this-Murray Ave has screaming high taxes and property values for one reason and that is that Murray Ave is like an outstanding private school-only that it is one open to anyone that can afford to live inside its zone.
    2nd. SALT deductions were just removed.
    3rd. This is a diversity endeavor.
    4th. You will see people zoned out lose property value that can successfully sue for impairment to those losses-which will come from your taxes.
    5th. Property values in the zone will appreciate only to be offset by a weakened Murray Ave school now in demise.
    6th. This is continued social engineering against 10538. The county has been waging war against Larchmont through the last 9 years of our Federal HUD program to “de-white” it. Anytime people in any of these discussion invoke “diversity” they are simply demanding that you pay more taxes for them to not. The arguments are boring and smell like Pravda print.
    7th. This is very hard for a lot of families, my friends, that saved and scraped to put themselves in the best possible school district which is now being changed for someone else’s social morality.
    8th. This fight matters if Larchmont seeks to preserve its place as the most lovely hamlet to raise a family just outside of NYC. It doesn’t seem that there is much energy being put behind the obvious alternatives to the rezoning, meaning this is already baked in.

    Almost wish I hadn’t fought so very hard to keep IKEA out, what difference did it make, the knives are out for 10538

    • Wow. Just wow. There is no “war” against Larchmont. Let me guess, persecuted white guy: you voted for Trump? I hope there aren’t too many people like you in Larchmont, lest my kids have to meet kids raised by someone like you.

      • You’re an a$$ sir, and just validated Derek’s point. You should’ve called him a racist too..please allow this discussion to remain on valid points rather than identity politics.

      • People like him in Larchmont (producers, and yes, Trump voters) are the same people who make the money and pay the heavy taxes so that they can live in a special place. Who are you to tell them that they shouldn’t? Why? Because some people can’t afford it, no one can have it?
        This is the same dumb mentality that drives all of you stupid liberal bozos. If it’s a nice thing, no one can have it unless everyone can.
        Someone lives in a s-hole country? Well, better let them come here illegally, because they deserve it, right?

    • When did this become a topic on increasing diversity or social engineering!? I thought this is all about overcrowding of the elementary schools! As one of a few black residents in Larchmont, I can tell you that I care deeply about my taxes and home value like the next person. I remember going to the meetings 10-11 years ago regarding the proposed development of the apartments on Palmer and there was great resistance because we knew back then that these apartments would bring many kids to the already tapped out school district. I recall laughing when a person from the developer stated that the developer only anticipated a few kids using the schools!! I couldn’t help but find that ridiculous.
      I have witnessed what’s going on first-hand with neighbors who are selling their homes and moving out, especially empty nesters. Guess who is moving into these homes being sold by couples with grown kids or kids no longer using the local schools? You guessed it, families with young kids! This trend will just continue as seniors seek to flee our ridiculous taxes that we soon will no longer be able to deduct after this year!!! And yes, this is a shot out to the Trump Voter. Your candidate sold you and us out like a bunch of suckers!!! Thanks!

  2. So is this about overcrowding or a social agenda? Since many alternatives are available and all the elementary schools are about equally overcrowded, suspect this is about a social agenda for Dr. Shaps. And the assumption that opposition to the resiatricting plan stems from racial prejudice makes about as much sense as the assumption that those who didn’t agree with President Obama’s policies are racist. Oh wait …. did that happen? Those unaffected by the plan will say that parents who chose certain schools for their children are SOL. Fortunately in this country (for now) property, and zoning designations are property, can’t be taken by governments without a compelling interest, and even at that only with compensation. This will end up in the courts, and Dr. Shaps well knows it. But at least when he runs for his next “office” he can say that he tried to bring diversity to those who resist it.

    • No, only 2 of the schools are overcrowded. And, no, you don’t have any right to what elementary school you are zoned for. The district has the authority to arrange for education as it sees fit.

      • Well said, Barry. The idea that Larchmont residents have a “right” to be in Chatsworth or Murray is ludicrous. I’m surprised at how many people assume they have a “right” to be a in a particular elementary school.

  3. Here is a great story for the Loop to report on. Take a look at the map for the district. Draw in the lines for each of the 4 elementary schools. Are you cringing yet! Exactly out of a politicians playbook to be sure of being either elected or re-elected. Look at how the lines for MAS look like Lake Michigan right down Mamaroneck Avenue….you wonder why it was drawn that way? It is not rocket science. MAS is closer to the Winged Foot Golf Course area yet those residents send their children to Murray School. Isn’t it odd that children living along Myrtle Ave. (what were once summer cottages light years ago) are not sent to Murray, but are sent to Central. Hmmm! Why you ask? Lets all take a closer look. What drives people to raise their children in Larchmont/Mamaroneck? Diversity….sure we talk about diversity certainly the district would like you to believe that and they disseminate that information ‘ad infinitum’, but it’s really about New York States test scores on the standardized math and reading exams administered every spring. It’s the holy grail for comparing the quality of the educational system in every district/community in the state. Even the state ranks the districts. Parents seek out raising their children in the communities with the highest rankings and consequently the demand for residences outstrips the supply of available homes. So you ask what happens to the price of homes…exactly…they enter the stratosphere. Isn’t that good….the realtors love it, homeowners love it, the school district/board loves it…..but how do you assure this scenario will happen? One just needs to revisit the districts maps. They draw the lines to keep Chatsworth and the Murray school ethnically white(~90%) to assure those schools rank individually the highest on the NYS exams. Central is 71% white(the true percentage in the district). MAS is about 45% white. These are HUGE disparities. Both Murray and Chatsworth rank around 75th of 2,386 schools. MAS ranks 1413th of 2,386 schools. I ask…Is that diversity? What is the district talking about when they preach diversity? It’s time the district and the community practice what they preach! It’s time to re-draw the lines to spread the wealth of ethnic diversity around and create a ‘true’ diverse community. Separate but equal was outlawed by the Supreme Court!

  4. We are very fortunate, all four Elementary schools are excellent. Although this may inconvenient some families, the other option is portable classrooms. All these students end up going to Hommocks and MHS later. I don’t see a problem other than going a little further than the School district you are currently in. Diversity is a good thing, we all need to get along.

  5. I grew up in Larchmont and attended Murray Ave. School. There was similar problem with my grade (we were the “pig in the python”. At that time, the solution was to bus the entire 6th grade (this is before Hommocks became a middle school) to Mamaroneck Avenue School. As Anon notes above, the schools were similarly segregated back in the 60’s.

  6. I am a longtime Larchmont resident, and my own children aged out of the district a while back. I have no strong opinion on redistricting. It seems sensible if some of the schools are too crowded and others not, as it is a better route than spending huge money on new construction. I do think there should be some allowance for families who already have kids in one school or who have more than one child and have planned their lives around siblings being together, dropped off at same place/ same time, etc. My main comment here though relates to school busing. I don’t think there should be discussion of redistricting without bringing this idea back from the grave. Shuffling more elementary school children around the two towns every morning will only make traffic headaches worse.

    • What a selfish post. No strong opinion because your children are already aged out but what if it affected you? And you only concern is a traffic headache for .. wait for it .. you!

      • Don’t know either of you who have posted but kudos to the person named Bourdain who doesn’t hide his/her comments behind the cowardly name of Anon or anonymous. Those who lack the integrity to stand behind their words shouldn’t disparage those who do

  7. Coming from Oakland with a very diverse elementary school I too am tired of the whiteness of the school district. I got the impression from the article that ALL the elementary schools in the district are at/over capacity. So, moving kids from one school and putting them in another would create diversity it would not solve the numbers problem.

  8. Flex zoning could be a great thing for our community. We have a sad state of segregation in our elementary schools. There is a sizable population of working class Hispanic families who largely attend one school whereas the other 3 schools are 90%+ white. This could be a great opportunity to bring true diversity to our schools. Allowing our children to learn and play alongside others from different backgrounds will enrich their lives. Let’s shake things up!

    • Will be interesting to see this liberal community put their “money where their mouth” is on this issue. Diversity is great, but actually supporting it in their own town is another story. Step up Larchmont/Mam’k! Let’s see who you really are!

      • White / affluent parent here. We bought a house zoned for MAS as we were seeking diversity and so our kids will become friends with other kids who weren’t born on 3rd base. You should see the look of shock when we meet new parents from Murray / Chat and reveal where our kids go to school!

        With one breath they will lament how terrible our president treats immigrants. But then they will spend any amount of money to keep their kids away from those families. Shameful.

        • Good for you making that choice. But 1) parents aren’t spending money to keep their kids away from diversity. They are spending to send their kids to better rated schools. Sorry, but look at, and 2) you made a choice, and other parents did too. The Board shouldn’t get to change parents’ choices when alternative solutions are available. It’s a violation of liberties.

    • you should go to the school in your neighborhood. PERIOD!

      Mamaroneck has the lowest quality school system in all of Westchester, when you factor in the property values and tax base. the reason is that they are being subsidized by larchmont, and larchmont gets NOTHING in return.

      the village of larchmont needs to step in to stop the madness, and form it’s own school district. secession from the horror show that is mamaroneck is the only way to capture the village’s true vibrancy.

      • So you wish for nice public schools for the wealthy and crappy ones for the immigrant families who mow your lawn, built your house, and clean the mess you leave behind at a restaurant? Sounds like a terrible vision for our future. May all our children grow up with more inclusive attitudes than you.

    • The true representation of the district’s ethnic breakdown is Central Elementary School. We have witnessed segregation in the district at the micro level within a grade when the US Dept of Education Office of Civil Rights stepped in to monitor the school district and Principal Priore was relegated to a token job. However, the elementary schools have demonstrated segregation at the macro level….Maybe finally it will be addressed.

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