Mamaroneck District Renews Shaps for 5 Years


Describing an excellent first year performance, Mamaroneck School Board members unanimously approved a five-year contract renewal of Dr. Robert I. Shaps, Superintendent of Mamaroneck  Schools, at the  June 14, 2011 Mamaroneck School Board Meeting . Shaps began working at Superintendent July 1, 2010 after serving in the Hastings School District.

The new contract replaces Dr. Shaps’ current three-year contract, which was due to expire in 2013.

Dr. Robert Shaps

Most of the evening, the final meeting of the school year, was devoted to discussion of personnel goals. Dr. Anthony T. Minotti, Assistant Superintendent, stated that as a result of many staff retirements this year “we are fortunate to bring in new staff.”  Therefore, the district is focused on creating clear expectations for professional practice and performance.  “We want to recruit, develop and retain the most qualified and effective personnel.”  There have been new job descriptions, expectations and interview questions written for each vacant position to provide a framework for interviewing, hiring and assessing future candidates.

The district has implemented a new process for interviewing prospective candidates.  Instead of each elementary school recruiting and interviewing potential new-hires individually, all four elementary school principals and vice principals will interview and select from the same pool of candidates.  There will be “collectiveness in recruitment.”

Additionally, there will be new processes and procedures to help the board understand the tenure process.  School principals will be meeting with the Superintendent to review and create specific reports for candidates that are or are not approved for tenure.  Dr. Minotti noted that the language in the reports must be clearly accessible and easy to understand.

The district is also focused on redesigning the orientation program for its first, second and third year teachers.  Administrators will be giving workshops to review the New York State Standards (APPR regulations) and the standards and expectations of the district. New teachers should “understand what our expectations are as far as instructional delivery and classroom set-up.”

Another personnel goal is the redesign of the Teachers Institute since state funding is no longer provided for the program.  “We will find ways to continue to have teachers grow in the district.”

On a final note in his presentation, Dr. Minotti reassured the community regarding employee contract negotiations; “we are in the process of successfully completing contract negotiations.”

–Debbie Ausch is the Owner of Prodigy Learning Center in Larchmont

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  1. Very interesting. May we know the conditions of the new contract ? the one year old 3-year contract was already very beneficial to the Superintendent. Why renew it now ? why for 5 years ? Anything to do with the tax cap ? what is the new salary, sick days and other perks ? can the Loop pls FOIA all that info ? thank you and best regards

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