Mamaroneck School Bus Cuts Rally Opposition


Website of local citizen group opposing school bus cuts

Parents in the Mamaroneck School District opposed to cuts in school bus services have launched an informative Web site here. It encourages people to attend tomorrow night’s School Board meeting (MHS Tiered Classroom, 7:30 pm.)

Meanwhile, school officials have decided not to shift private-school students onto public transportation next year, but they do plan to fully outsource the district’s own bus routes.

8 thoughts on “Mamaroneck School Bus Cuts Rally Opposition

  1. My son has used both All County Bus and Mile High at his old private school and they were terrific. I don’t know who the recommended vendors are, but since I see them all over I can only guess they would get the contract.

    If CASBC pushes too hard, you might just end up with a bus voucher. Everyone has to give right now.

  2. Dear Community Members,

    At Tuesday night’s Mamaroneck School Board meeting, Dr. Shaps presented a revised budget which included the move to fully outsourcing all school transportation services for our district. He also provided some answers to questions that had been posed but left many unanswered. Visit our website for more details (

    We still question the validity of the assumption that transportation outsourcing will create significant savings in the short term or long term without compromising the quality of the service. In addition, it is clear that the public transportation option for private school students is still open to future consideration.

    Our intent has always been to increase communication with the Board and the Superintendent while working cooperatively. We have recommended that a working group including parents be formed to assure safety and quality of service in our transportation services. A Citizens Financial Advisory Council representative publicly affirmed the benefit of this idea and encouraged the Board and the Administration to establish just such a group. To inform that process, you can provide feedback about your concerns or suggestions via e-mail. If you are interested in attending a meeting which will explore specific recommendations for maintaining high standards of safety and quality of service, please e-mail us and we’d be happy to include you.


    Citizens Against School Bus Cuts

  3. I’m with you, jsacks. This sounds like the board is responding to the outcry and giving the parents what they want, albeit a cheaper alternative. If safety is an issue, the board, along with parent volunteers, should certainly check the safety record of the bus co.

    Sounds like a win-win to me.

  4. Becoming part of a solution is more productive than simply fighting. Be informed, participate and help find a solution.

    We must lower costs and transportation is a valid non-program line item to come under scrutiny. This issue needs to be defined by the economics and and not by emotion but safety must stay at the top of the agenda.

    Members of the CFAC continue to encourage the board and administration to look at this cost savings opportunity very closely, it remains one of the largest opportunities in the budget.

  5. Instead of putting up their one-sided web site, parents should feel free to walk their children to schools.

    Those who are unconcerned about future savings are those who will likely be moving as their children graduate.

    Get real. If you want something, pay for it or do it, don’t demand others pay for you.

        • Agreed. It’s offensive what we pay in taxes, yet it seems like nobody ever has any money. Everyone has to give, as long as it is something they don’t use.

          The schools may be staying ‘within the cap’ but over the years they clearly favored bloated personel costs vs. preserving infrastructure since they are currently trying to pass a large bond measure. In addition to that, I received a solicitation form in the mail today to support the EMTs here, and they have to hold bake sales to fix Pinebrook Park. WTH is all of the money going?

          I’ve lived most of my life in places that cost 1/4 of what it does here, yet schools are new, parks are fixed, and EMT’s are paid employees that don’t need to fund-raise.

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