Mamaroneck School Budget Now Up To Voters


Residents in the Mamaroneck Union Free School District will decide on May 17 whether to approve the proposed $125.3 million 2011-12 budget endorsed by the school board Wednesday night.

The budget, presented by Superintendent Dr. Robert Shaps, is $1.5 million less than his original budget, proposed in March.

Under the proposal, homeowners in the school district will pay an average of about $126, or less than 1%, more in property taxes.

The budget includes a one-time transfer of $2.3 million dollars in order to upgrade the fire alarms at Mamaroneck and Murray Avenue elementary schools and Hommocks Middle School, and the repair of sidewalks, curbs and parking area at Hommocks.

The budget calls for both the elimination of 12.2 staff members and addition of seven others.

Following Shaps’ presentation, Hommocks principal Dr. Seth Weitzman addressed concerns of sixth-grade parents about proposed changes  to the Hommocks super-team structure.

Parents questioned how a changed model would support a projected increase of 34 students into next year’s sixth grade, due to shifts in student numbers, while maintaining educational quality and stable class sizes.

Dr. Weitzman addressed these concerns by insuring that teachers will fully participate in team meetings, be available to provide extra help after-school and at lunchtime and work as eight or four member teams within the sixth-grade.

“In reference to parents who expressed concern about the super team structure, my goal is to build on tonight’s presentation.  I look forward to speaking with parents,” said Dr. Shaps.


— Debbie Ausch is the owner of Prodigy Learning Center in Larchmont


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