Mamaroneck Pol Gets Environmental Award


SoundVision Schooner at Mamaroneck Harbor.

On Sunday the Connecticut Fund for the Environment/ Save the Sound presented awards to individuals who have played major roles in protecting the local environment, among them Mamaroneck Town Councilwoman Nancy Seligson.

Seligson is running unopposed for the Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Post now held by Valerie O’Keeffe, who is not running again.

As New York Co-Chair of the Long Island Sound Study’s Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC), Seligson has made contributions to the two-year plan for the restoration and preservation of the Sound, called the SoundVision Action Plan. ( See our story)

Nancy Seligson, NY Co-Chair of the CAC and Mamaroneck Councilwoman, speaks at Mamaroneck Harbor, August 2011.

Seligson recently spoke about water quality and cleanup efforts at a Long Island Sound Forum .

photos: Save the Sound

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