Mamaroneck HS Evacuates; No Danger Found


Students seemed to take this emergency evacuation in stride.

Grafitti spotted by two students on a rest room wall caused the temporary evacuation of Mamaroneck High School Monday.

School officials say the graffiti was referencing a bomb.

 The Westchester County Bomb Squad later reported that no “imminent threat of danger” was found.

Students say they were told to gather on the athletic field beginning at about 12:00 pm, and were allowed back inside about 1:45.

The Mamaroneck School District later released a statement saying,

As a precautionary measure, Mamaroneck High School was evacuated due to a threat to the building. The Westchester County Bomb squad was here searching the building with dogs. Police have swept the building and deemed it to be safe for re-entry. School will be dismissed at the regular time. All afternoon school activities will resume as scheduled. Investigation continues, and we will provide you with any updates.

Photo: Yfke Havinga

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