Mamaroneck Family: Schools Derailed Son’s Education


Ian Hynes courtesy of News 12

A Mamaroneck family is suing its school district for failing to meet its child’s needs, saying the district tried to derail him from getting a proper education.

“Teachers at my old school, they thought I was lazy and I was dumb, and I couldn’t do things. That bothered me,” says Ian Hynes about his experiences at Hommocks Middle School.

The District would not comment on the suit.

According to LoHud, Hynes’ parents want the district to foot the bill for her son Ian’s education at an upstate private school that charges $53,000 a year. But the district has refused, saying it can handle the boy’s needs.

The family’s complaint, which is pending in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, seeks unspecified damages and full tuition reimbursement for Ian’s time at The Gow School in South Wales. (Read the district’s legal response.)

To read or watch the video version of the full story please see News 12 website.

2 thoughts on “Mamaroneck Family: Schools Derailed Son’s Education

  1. Hommocks has a long history of failing to meet children’s needs. It has derailed many kids and destroyed their futures. Everyone knows it, yet it continues.

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