Mamaroneck: Consume Less + Big Yard Sale= Build a New Ice Rink


community yard sale

At the monthly League of Women Voters breakfast Friday, Beth Radow presented Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson with a check for $100.

“I did it with money I saved by consuming less,” she says.

Radow, the president of the Larchmont Mamaroneck League of Women Voters, would like to see everyone in the community do this.

“With 29,000 people in the Larchmont/Mamaroneck Community on board, we could raise a whopping $2.9 million dollars,” she says, and she would like to see that money go into an upgrade of the area’s largest energy consumer, the Hommocks Ice Rink.

“The Ice Rink, which generates considerable revenue for the Town, is due for a renovation to modernize it and make it run more efficiently. Radow says, “The upgrade is intended to conserve energy consumption, which means less cost to operate and cleaner air for us and our children to breathe.”

To help in that effort, the League is organizing a Community Yard Sale/Silent Auction and Energy Fair for April 21 (rain date April 28) at the Memorial Park & Town of Mamaroneck Commuter Parking Lot #1  on Myrtle Boulevard

To register, print a form here.

100% of the proceeds raised at the Community Yard Sale & Silent Auction, and all throughout the year, will be donated to benefit the improvements and renovations to the Hommocks Ice Rink.

More info:

Saving on your own: Saving $8.33 a month in what we consume adds up to $100 for the year. Saving an extra tank of gas over a couple of months, hand washing instead of dry cleaning, picking up slightly bruised fruit or day old bread, skipping Starbucks, turning off power strips, switching to energy efficient bulbs, weatherizing your home, going solar, buying Energy Star appliances, opting for a hybrid car when the time comes-it will all add up. With 29,000 people in the Larchmont/Mamaroneck Community on board, we could raise a whopping $2.9 million dollars—that’s a lot of bruised bananas not going to the landfill being turned instead into a new Town jewel. If you are game, please send your check to:

Hommocks Ice Rink Trust Fund. Mail your donation to Town Administrator Steve Altieri at Town Center, 740 West Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, NY 10543.

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