Mamaroneck Ave. School Closes Due to Smell


Mamaroneck Avenue Elementary School kids got an early start on the holiday weekend this morning, when the school closed due to a construction-related odor that permeated the building.

Officials decided to send kids home at around 9:15 a.m. when the odor, which was related to repair of the gymnasium floor, did not dissipate, said Mamaroneck School District spokeswoman Debbie Manetta. The gym floor and the cafeteria were seriously damaged in Hurricane Irene.

“Originally we had hoped to be able to keep the school open but the odor was lingering and spreading,” she said.

School is expected to be back open on Tuesday following the Columbus Day holiday.

One thought on “Mamaroneck Ave. School Closes Due to Smell

  1. ;-) sure it wasn’t just gym socks? The building has been remodeled since I was a student there (um, Nixon was President) and another building added; is the gym still in the same location at the rear/bottom of the second building? I still remember the great gymnastics equipment, like the rings you could swing across the entire floor on, and the concrete steps overlooking the gym. Not sure if they still have flooding issues there.

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