Main Break Causes Dirty Water


This video shows what was happening above ground in Eastchester Friday when a water main broke, causing water in houses as far away as Larchmont and Harrison to turn dark brown.

A 30 inch pipe that supplies water to the Town of Mamaroneck, Village of Mamaroneck and Larchmont is being repaired.  Check Westchester Joint Water Works for updates.

One thought on “Main Break Causes Dirty Water

  1. Thanks to WJWW and its staff for their efforts in resolving the problems.

    But after this problem is resolved, it could be a heads-up for us to know more about our critical water supply.

    1) What is the current state of the infrastructure and future availability of water in areas served by WJWW and what contingency plans exist?

    2) What are the advantages and disadvantages – e.g., costs, service, water quality, assurance of supply, etc. – received by those local municipalities that use the WJWW non-profit public benefit corporation for water vs. those that obtain water a private company?

    3) Why does WJWW sell water on a retail basis to its member municipalities – i.e. Village of Mamaroneck, Town of Mamaroneck and the Town/Village of Harrison – and to portions of the City of Rye and the City of New Rochelle and sells water on a wholesale basis to the Village of Larchmont, United Water of Westchester and United Water New Rochelle?

    4) What are the differences in the charges in the various municipalities and could we have a simpler more efficient system?

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