Longford’s Ice Screamy Contest



Who could say no to an ice-cream eating contest?

Ten children, chosen from a raffle, sat at a table Saturday at the Longford’s ice cream in Larchmont,  each behind a quart of very cold vanilla ice cream and a pair of chopsticks.


When Owner Steve Bitondo gave the signal, they were off. They had 3 minutes to eat as much as they could.

In the end, the winner was chosen after the plates were weighed. David Cohen of Larchmont left with the least. (He won.) The prize was a quart of ice cream every day for a month and the rest of the contestants got to take their remaining ice cream home.

Congratulations to owners Steve Bitondo, and his wife, Carol Kinghan on Longford’s 20th anniversary. They have owned the store, in this location for about 9 years, for 5 years.

Steve Bitondo and the lucky winner


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