Throwback Thursday: When Tempuras Flared in Larchmont

21 Aug, 2014

By Polly Kreisman

protestcrowd- matsumoto


Anyone remember the June 2009 protests at Matsumoto Restaurant (now Wasabi) on Larchmont Avenue?

A local civil rights lawyer’s daughter was involved in a case where her African American friend was allegedly hired unseen for a hostess job at the Japanese restaurant, but then turned down when the owner saw that she was black.

Abby Brammer, then 17, below,  received a financial award in return for dropping her federal civil rights suit. 



We were told the resulting storm caused the owner to close shop and he left the country.

 Read below or click here for PDF file of story. 



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  • Peg

    I thought the reason for closing shop was the “bloody cleaver” incident over some unpaid debts!

    • loopeditrix

      Good memory! I think that was the restaurant before it in the same space.