Releasing your Inner Pole Dancer

18 Mar, 2014

By Polly Kreisman

pole dancing

A Pole Dancing Class? Really?

Melissa Levine says her best friend dragged her to a pole dancing class in White Plains a few years ago.

“It was love at first spin,”she says.

By the time that studio closed, she was hooked. So she opened another one, Pole Position in White Plains. Everyone we saw here was having a blast.

pole dancing



Pole Position is no ordinary workout. In a light filled studio with high ceilings and a vertical pole for each participant, students do basic spins, perform climbs and then tie it all together into a routine.  Strength and flexibility are emphasized, and “cool new moves” are incorporated into every class. High heels: optional.

Other classes here include Chair Dance, Flexibility, Boot Camp (a high intensity fitness class) and Aerial Yoga.

“It’s not all for everybody,” Levine says, but try it. It may surprise you.”


Pole Position Dance & Fitness, LLC   110 Mamaroneck Ave., 2nd floor, Suite 6, White Plains  914. 615.9450

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