Local Families Urge Support for Compassionate Care Act

16 May, 2014

By Polly Kreisman

medical marijuana

The New York State Health committee has scheduled a vote on a bill for next Tuesday for the “Compassionate Care Act,” which would establish a comprehensive medical marijuana program in New York. We are hearing that the Health committee may vote on this bill as soon as next week and we are trying to get as many New Yorkers  to express support for the bill.

Larchmont’s Polly VanderWoude and two other downstate mothers with children that suffer from epileptic siezures are featured in the video above.

“In states with legal programs, families are treating children like ours with an oil form of non-psychoactive medical marijuana and seeing >75% reduction in seizures.  This is unheard of for children like ours who have tried all available pharmaceuticals with no result.  We are just asking for a legal option to try this medicine, says VanderWoude.

State Senator George Latimer, supports the bill and will vote on it if it passes the Health Committee.  Supporters are urged to call or email members of the health committee as well as Senator Latimer to voice their support!

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