Help Recologie Open a New, Public Space

17 Jun, 2014

By Polly Kreisman


Recologie, which recently moved to New Rochelle, and expanded its brand well beyond an eco-conscious boutique to a vegan/vegetarian café, a gallery supporting artists working in recycled materials and a commercial kitchen, wants to build out a brand new 6000 square foot flex-space  to support community engagement, music and other arts, and “most of all to provide for those who wish to have a space to call “home” when away from home and work.”

“We have completed about 50% of our project and are bursting with successful experiences and want to finally finish the space that will allow many more people to enjoy and participate in what we have created,” say owners Judith Weber and Maria Cisneros on their GROW Campaign site.  “We firmly believe that a PLACE needs to exist to provide an atmosphere of community – a place to share ideas, test new projects, exchange ideas, relax, entertain and be entertained.  We believe that people need to connect and we want to help make that possible!”

If you can help them, they promise it will come back to you.

Maria Cisneros (left) and Judith Weber

Maria Cisneros (left) and Judith Weber

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